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 Mrs. Christina Gouraige, Supervisor of Special Services

Phone: (201) 391-2900 ext. 3600


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Christina Gouraige, Supervisor of Special Services

The Supervisor of Special Services is responsible for the oversight of the Child Study Team and all of its activities. The Child Study Team is comprised of a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, School Psychologist, School Social Worker, and three Speech/Language Specialists. These specialists work with students, their parents, and teachers to identify student needs and facilitate academic achievement. Needs may include: speech and language delays, social and emotional difficulties, and/or academic skill deficits.

Special Services Staff

Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant
Cindy Gardner
(201) 391-2900 ext. 3603
School Social Worker
Jackie McLoughlin
(201) 391-2900 ext. 3604
School Psychologist
Chelsea Smith
(201) 391-2900 ext. 3605
Child Study Team Secretary
Tammy Remenschneider
(201) 391-2900 ext. 3600
Memorial Speech/Language Specialist
Joyce Bores
(201) 391-2900 ext. 3606  
Memorial Speech/Language Specialist
Patricia Pizzuta
(201) 391-2900 ext. 3607
Fieldstone Speech/Language Specialist 
Danielle Guertin
(201) 391-9000 ext. 2141
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