Child Find

  • “CHILD FIND”: How to Access Special Education in Montvale

    We would like to ensure that all students with disabilities who reside in Montvale, regardless of the severity of the disability, are located, identified, and evaluated. These efforts are extended to all youth, including migrant, homeless, and students moving from grade to grade with a delay or disability from ages 3 through 14.

    Programs for children ages 3 through 14 are conducted in Montvale. These programs are for children who have an identified disabling condition and/or a measurable developmental delay in physical, social, communication and/or emotional areas, and who may require and would benefit from special education and related services.

    Eligibility for services is determined by a Child Study Team evaluation of the child. Any resident who has a child, ages 3 through 14, should contact the Office of Special Services of the Montvale Public Schools at 201-391-2900, Ext. 600.