• The Child Study Team provides the following:
    1. Pre-referral interventions for teachers at Intervention and Referral Service(I&RS) meetings
    2. Evaluations to determine if students are eligible for special education and related services or eligible for speech and language services
    3. Development of Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)
    4. Counseling/social skills for classified students
    5. Speech/Language therapy sessions
    6. Support for all special needs students

    A Brief Introduction to the Members of the Montvale Child Study Team Follows:
    Jackie McLoughlin, School Social Worker, is responsible for completing social assessments. The purpose of these assessments is to provide information about adaptive, social, functional, and emotional development, which influence learning and behavior in an educational setting.

    Educational evaluations are completed by our Learning DisabilitiesTeacher/Consultant, Cindy Gardner. The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate your child's academic achievement levels and learning styles. Evaluation instruments will include formal tests and informal assessment measures as well as observation and teacher interviews.

    Joyce Bores, Patricial Calamari and Danielle Guertin, Speech and Language Therapists, are responsible for conducting evaluations and providing speech and language therapy to students of the Montvale School District. Evaluations and therapies can range from the identification and remediation of speech articulation issues to the assessment and treatment of more complex expressive, receptive and language processing difficulties.

    Psychological evaluations are completed to determine cognitive functioning levels as well as to assess social and emotional development. Our School Psychologist, Chelsea Smith, performs this evaluation. Evaluation instruments include formal tests and informal assessment measures as well as observations and teacher interviews.