Board of Education Goals


    Board Goals for 2016-17:

    1. Continue to improve Board knowledge and understanding of finances and financial reports.
    2. Continue to improve communication with the community through expanded educational highlights, interactions with Montvale Township officials and implementation of a school district strategic planning in 2016-17.
    3. Provide administrative presentations on all initiatives including technology, science and physical education during 2016-17.

    Board Goals for 2017-18:

    1. Expand the Board's knowledge of budget, finances, and financial reports with detailed presentations on specific areas of the district's fiscal operations and responsibilities.
    2. Broaden the Board's scope and practices for communication to ensure there is open and effective dialogue with all Montvale Schools stakeholders.
    3. Strengthen the Board's program of recognition to highlight the exceptional areas of academic growth, staff achievements, and innovative educational practices that enable student success.