• Welcome to Fieldstone Middle School!

    Fieldstone Middle School is an outstanding school. At Fieldstone, we take the core beliefs of middle school and put them into practice. Professionals often visit our school to learn about our programs, to observe our teachers, preview our instructional resources, and to see the components of quality education at the middle level.

    Fieldstone Middle School is not only recognized by educators as a phenomenal school, it is recognized by the community of Montvale, by the parental population, and most importantly, by the students, as a quality school. At Fieldstone, the teachers build and develop personal relationships with their students while teaching and presenting a challenging and comprehensive curriculum. They continue to improve student achievement, while enhancing their instructional practices. High expectations and excellence are priorities at Fieldstone. We utilize patience and persistence while preparing children for the rigors of high school, college and life.

    Our students are provided with a warm, safe, nurturing environment in which to learn. We believe that when children feel good about themselves they are most able to achieve at their highest levels. We offer a challenging curriculum that engages the students and prepares them for high school. Please also follow the links for the teacher home pages, the curriculum maps, the student handbook, the Montvale Public Schools Code of Conduct, and other important resources.

    Our mission is to provide a safe and stable learning environment in which all students can acquire the skills to become confident, self directed, life-long learners and contributing members of society. At Fieldstone Middle School, we inspire to create an environment that is academically excellent, developmentally responsive, and socially equitable to support students in reaching their fullest potential both now and in the 21st century and beyond.