• Mr. Sean K. Boyle
    Sixth Grade Language Arts
     Room 205
    Email: sboyle@montvalek8.org 
     Phone: 201-391-9000 ex. 2205 
    Motivational Quote for the weeks for the final two weeks of June 2019:

    (1) Do what you have to do. (2) Do it when you have to do it. (3) Do it the BEST you can. (4) Do it all the time. 

     Tuesday - READING, 8:00-8:30; Thursday - WRITING, 8:00-8:30; Wednesday - BOUILLABAISSE, 3:15-3:40 
    In order to promote strong and independent preparation, extra help is NOT offered on quiz or test days
    To Give Anything Less Than Your Best Is To Sacrifice The Gift.
    ~ Steve Prefontaine, Legendary American Distance Runner
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