• Mr. Sean K. Boyle
    Sixth Grade Language Arts
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    Email: sboyle@montvalek8.org 
     Phone: 201-391-9000 ex. 2205 
    Motivational Quote for the first two weeks of September 2019:

    (1) Do what you have to do. (2) Do it when you have to do it. (3) Do it the BEST you can. (4) Do it all the time. 

     Extra Help is Tuesday and Thursday morning, 8:00-8:30. If you are unable to attend these morning sessions, please see me to schedule an appointment during Recess, 12:40-1. 
    In order to promote strong and independent preparation, extra help is NOT offered on quiz or test days
    To Give Anything Less Than Your Best Is To Sacrifice The Gift.
    ~ Steve Prefontaine, Legendary American Distance Runner
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