• Memorial School Health Office

    Meghan Dugan RN, NJ-CSN

    September 6 2016


    Dear Parents,

    As severe food allergies become more and more prevalent, schools across the US are eliminating treats as a way to celebrate birthdays and other special days throughout the school year. Many schools in our area are changing their classroom celebration guidelines to exclude food altogether. In re-evaluating our guidelines, we at Memorial School felt it necessary to make some changes for the health and safety of our large population of students with food allergies.

    Effective immediately, Memorial School will no longer permit home baked or store baked items for classroom celebrations. The only exception are store bought, packaged items with labels clearly marked peanut and tree nut free or processed in a peanut and tree nut free facility. We encourage packaged treats found on the safe snack list as they are endorsed by food allergy experts. An excellent option, that is healthy and always encouraged is fresh fruit. Please contact your child’s teacher prior to sending any food into the classroom.

    A revised Safe Snack list is attached, and can also be found on the Memorial School website. I thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance in keeping our Memorial School students safe and healthy.



    Meghan Dugan RN, NJ-CSN