Mrs. Karen Kantrowitz

Phone: 201 291-2900 EXT3111


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Spanish MAT- Elementary Education Certifications: Elementary Education, ESL

Mrs. Karen Kantrowitz

Bienvenidos a las clases de Español



How to Succeed in Learning Spanish

* Listen- Make sure you listen carefully in class!

*Practice- Try and speak with your family and friends to practice what you have learned

*Connect- Look for Spanish words and phrases when you are out and about. Look for cognates (words that are similar in both languages like elephant and elefante)

*Expand- Watch a TV program in Spanish or a DVD that you are very familiar with(Most DVD's have Spanish options). Listen to Spanish music on the radio/CD when you are in the car. Take out a Spanish/English bilingual book from the library. Have a Spanish dinner night and make tacos, quesadillas or any recipe you can find.

*Have Fun with the Spanish language and culture!

 The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain