Welcome to 7th Grade Science

  • It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to 7th grade Science in 125! I am excited to join the Fieldstone family and being a part of the 7th grade team!


    This year we will be focusing on learning science through inquiry and scientific investigation. Students will be exposed to science in a variety of settings ranging from group work to individual studies. The 7th grade curriculum covers a number of life science topics including cells, genetics, ecology, and we will incorporate engineering activities within the lessons. In my experience, I have learned all students learn in different ways, at different speeds, and through different means.


    My goal for the upcoming school year is to channel student’s strength and weakness and create a learning environment which will encourage academic risk taking, a level of comfort when making a mistake, and create opportunities where students rely on their instincts. As the teacher, my role is to act more as a facilitator and encourage students to dive into their learning process. It is a competitive world out there and my goal is to ensure your child can thrive in this ever changing society.

  • This year students will need the following suppplies: 

    • Five Star 5-subject notebook
      • With ring cover if possible

                           (see below)



    • 1 science folder
    • 3 Highlighters (different colors)
    • Tape
    • Tissue box or Lysol wipes

Something to think about...

  • The Science Of Life Is


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