Welcome to 7th Grade Science

  • Expectations:

    Students will grow in several aspects of the science classroom. It is important to understand and apply the concepts that we will be learning this year because they are the foundations that will prepare students for high school biology. In addition to science, students will learn concepts that will effectively help them study, collaborate within a group, but also work independently and more importantly be ORGANIZED! 


    Class Materials/Supplies:

    • Five Star 5 Subject Notebook (with spiral cover preferred) 

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    If a student misses class, it is up TO them to get the missing assignments. CHECK GOOGLE CLASSROOM and CALENDAR BEFORE EMAILING THE TEACHER.

    I am available every morning at 8 am and after school by appointment only. 

            Each student is responsible for completing all missed work.

            Test/Classwork should not be made up during class. 

              Test make-ups can be completed in the morning or after school.

            Students have 3 days to make up any missed assignments. 

    A zero will be given for any work which is not made up within 3 days or if no arrangements have been made to make up the work.


    • All of your in-class assignments, tests, and quizzes will be given a point value and placed into your Realtime account. 


    • Homework assignments will also be given a point value when they are assigned. 


    • Complete means COMPLETE!  In other words, all assignments should display the proper heading, with no answers left blank.  

    You should always try your best, and you should be proud of every assignment you hand in.



    There is a grade-wide rule/consequence system intact. As far as my classroom, I am a firm believer in parent/teacher communication. Students, please be aware I will contact your parent/guardian regarding behavior issues and missing assignments. I will warn you the FIRST time about any issues we have in class before I contact home. 

    The following rules have been implemented to offer you fairness and order in our classroom.


    • Be in your seat and ready to begin work when the bell rings.
    • Sit in your assigned seat daily.
    • Respect others and their property at all times.
    • Bring all books and materials to class daily.
    • Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before talking or getting out of your seat. 
    • No flip flops or sliders allowed in class. (School rule: Sandals MUST have a BACK)
    • No sandals allowed on lab days. (A Safety Contract will be given in class.)
    • On lab days: All hair below ear length must be tied back.
    • Ladies for safety purposes:  No dresses, skirts or shorts on lab days. 



    I look forward to an amazing school year filled with labs and activities. Parents, I assure you I will treat your child with the utmost respect at all times. My goal is not only to educate your child but to prepare and inspire him/her for future endeavors. You can always contact me with any questions or concerns.



    Mrs. Durango



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