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    Our program provides coverage for families before and after school to help working families and/or other circumstances that may exist. We at MCC recognize that the work we do is important, and critical for the students/families we work with. 
    Just some of the important things we offer at MCC which makes our program so great:
    • Safety
      With remarkable dedication, our supervision provides a safe environment for families to lend their precious loved ones.
    • Fun 
      From playing on the playground with friends and peers to arts and crafts, and even special event days, we offer many fun-filled activities.
    • Friends
      The ability to socialize with other students, even those who may not be in their classes, in a more informal group settings can help students feel more included and connected.
    • Support 
      Amazing staff/resources to help students complete homework, understand material, and be prepared not only for school, but for time with their family when they return home.
    • Self-confidence
      MCC may feel more forgiving to some children than school does, and the stakes are not quite as high. Some children really "come out of their shells" at MCC.
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    Thank you, and have a great school year!
    Steven Pellegrino
    Director, Montvale Child Care Program

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