***VIRTUAL DRAWING APRIL 24, 2020***


    (2020-2021 school year)


         The Montvale Public School District has applications available for the morning and afternoon Integrated Preschool Programs.  Children enrolled in the program will attend either five half-day mornings or afternoons per week.  Openings are available for general education preschoolers.

         The program differs from standard preschools in that it combines the education of both special education and general education preschoolers.  Special education preschoolers will be placed in the class after an evaluation process.

         General education student placement will be determined by a lottery, which will be held March 26, 2020.  The selection will be held in the CST office at 8:45 a.m., and open for any parent to observe. To be eligible, a general education child must be three years old on or before October 1, 2020.  A birth certificate, proof of immunization, and proof of residency is required. In addition, the child must be toilet trained prior to being accepted into the program. The fee for the program for general education lottery students will be $2,750.00 per year. However, if a family has a financial hardship, they will be able to contact Mrs. Andrea Wasserman, Business Administrator, to discuss their concerns.

         All applications are due in to the Office of Special Services by March 9, 2020.  Applications may be picked up at the Office of Special Services at Memorial Elementary School.  Applications are also available through the mail by calling the Office of Special Services at (201) 391-2900 ext. 3602 or through the links below:


    2020-2021 Preschool Program Application


    2020-2021 Student Registration Form


    2020-2021 Tell Us About Your Child